Lakeview Health System

Drug and Alcohol Rehab with Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Drug rehab and alcohol rehabilitation at Lakeview Health Systems’ facility is located in Jacksonville, FL. We are licensed by the state of Florida and nationally accredited by The Joint Commission, the nation’s premier accrediting body for hospitals and institutions. Men and women from across the country come to Lakeview to recover from substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Our 6-week drug rehab program offers:

We specialize in providing every patient with personalized and comprehensive care from doctors, nurses and therapists who are specially trained to treat addictions.

Drug Rehab Center

Entering drug rehab is a life-affirming decision. It is also an effort that demands rigorous attention and work. Our medically based approach to drug addiction treatment allows us to create individualized treatment plans that address every issue facing the recovering drug user.

Statistics show that drug rehabilitation must include a treatment component after detox to be effective. Detox from drug addiction alone will not alter the pattern of drug abuse in the long term. Therefore, a drug rehab center can help anyone wishing to recover from drug and alcohol dependence and addiction.


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