Malibu Beach Recovery Center

Why Choose The Malibu Beach Recovery Center®?

The Malibu Beach Recovery Center® offers an innovative, integrated, and tested substance abuse treatment program which has only been available in the US since the fall of 2007.  Recognizing each client as a unique individual with distinctive needs, the Malibu Beach Recovery System℠ for treatment of addiction provides each of our clients with an exclusive custom-tailored treatment plan for increasing dopamine levels and beginning the process of restoring brain chemistry.  The Malibu Beach Recovery System is based on scientific and holistic principles.  We offer treatment in a warm family atmosphere, with the support of an expert and compassionate clinical team.

The Malibu Beach Recovery System℠ for treatment of addiction quickly and effectively targets and restores the chemical imbalances in the brain which occur as a result of drug and alcohol use, and addresses all the aspects essential for long-term sobriety and recovery. The Malibu Beach Family Program is a two day family retreat which includes therapy, counseling, and direct experience with the principles of the program for all the family members. We encourage all clients to elect the 90-day program which combines residential treatment at the Malibu house with a comprehensive Transitional Living Program at a sober house or with a life coach.   90 days of treatment is today considered the “gold standard” by industry professionals.


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