Mountainside Treatment Center

Mountainside Phone Number: 800-762-5433


Facility Description:  Mountainside’s addiction program is based on proven addiction and alcoholism treatment methods, strategies and principles that promote healing and enhance the quality of life. Through the utilization of Motivational Interviewing, Directional Therapy, Gender-Specific Groups, the 12-Step Principles and Adventure Based Initiatives, individuals will encounter, confront and experience the challenges of recovery.

Mountainside Treatment Center utilizes an innovative approach that seeks to engage and motivate each client. Every client who  enters Mountainside for treatment is designed an individualized addiction treatment plan to meet his or her needs. Apart from a core treatment program, Mountainside provides many optional treatment components that are available daily. By offering a large number of optional treatment modalities we try to appeal to the diverse interests of our clients and create an environment where people make decisions to participate in various programs based on their interests. We have found that clients are far more likely to be actively engaged in their rehabilitation and recoveries after they leave treatment when they are fully engaged and making decisions to shape their recovery.

Our multi-disciplinary team of addiction treatment professionals brings a vast amount of experience and expertise to each client and help to inspire the communication, trust and values necessary for the recovery process to begin.

Address:  187 Route 7 South

City, State, Zip:  Canaan, CT 06018

Categories:  Aftercare, Long Term, Prescription Drugs

Type of Care Provided:

Primary Focus:  12-Step

Population Served: Adults

Cost:  $

Forms of Payment Accepted:


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