New Directions

Gender Specific Residential Treatment

Chemically dependent adolescents receive intensive, 24-hour treatment from a dedicated staff, which includes a Medical Director, Psychiatrist, Nursing Director, Registered Dietician, and Certified Therapists. The therapeutic day includes education from full-time teachers and a teaching assistant in a school program coordinated by Orange City Schools.

The program also includes group therapy, individual therapy, life-skills training, physical recreation and 12 step recovery meetings. Length of stay varies, based upon each person’s needs.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

For adolescents who do not need 24-hour supervision, or who have completed residential treatment, New Directions provides appropriate levels of intensive outpatient treatment.

Treatment consists of after-school meetings, three times a week, three hours per session, and includes family therapy. Length of stay varies, based upon each person’s needs.

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