New Life Lodge

The disease of addiction affects people in different ways, which is why we provide substance abuse rehab treatment that matches each individual’s specific needs. We serve adults using a full continuum of services, including the following:

Medically Supervised Drug and Alcohol Detox Program: Provides safe, expeditious 24/7 medical supervision for patients going through drug and/or alcohol withdrawal.

  • Residential Substance Abuse Rehab Treatment: Patients gain insight into their drug and alcohol addictions through individualized treatment and medical, spiritual, psychological and social guidance.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for Court Orders: Fee-per-session programs for adults who are experiencing legal or other difficulties due to drug or alcohol abuse.
  • After Care Treatment: During discharge planning each patient is given an aftercare plan and encouraged to actively participate in the New Life Lodge Alumni Association.
  • Family Program: Promotes the healing of injured family relationships.


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