How Critical is Nutrition During Addiction Recovery

There are many different factors that will determine the level of success obtained by an addict who goes into treatment.  Making sure you get into the right program, committing to making the necessary changes that must be made in your life and the amount of support you have are all important, among a dozen other factors.

However, there is another factor that plays an important role as well, but it is largely ignored because people don’t recognize its importance.

There is a reason that nutrition is mentioned in every article you’ve ever read about any type of health condition.  It’s important.  Good nutrition can virtually eliminate some health concerns.  If you have a serious health issue, good nutrition can make it easier for you to deal with.  In short, everything is better when you get the proper nutrition and this includes recovery from addiction.

A new article was recently published on the website that looks into this topic.

The reason nutrition is so often overlooked when discussing recovery is that they forget that recovery isn’t just about getting clean and learning how to be sober.  It is also about allowing your brain to heal from the damage that has been caused by years of addiction.

If you want to heal your body and make it stronger, you have to exercise.  But another critical component of that is to make sure you are providing the nutrition that will allow your body to become stronger.  Healing your brain works in much of the same way.

There is a limit to how much capacity you have in your brain.  Drug and alcohol abuse (along with poor nutrition that frequently accompanies those problems) reduce the capacity you have available.

The good news is that the damage to your brain that came from addiction can be fixed.  Nerves, proper circuitry and neurotransmitters can all be regenerated, restored or replaced.  How quickly this can happen depends in part to your nutrition.

Whether you are currently in recovery, are headed that direction, or know someone else who will be experiencing it, everything you can put in place to help will increase your chances of success.

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