Origins Recovery Centers

Origins Recovery Center provides a comprehensive continuum of longer-term inpatient addiction treatment services for adult men and women, including those with serious dual diagnoses. Our multiphase treatment approach begins with intensive inpatient care at our facility for variable lengths up to 90 days. Origins is a private, residential substance abuse facility licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services, and recognized by many within the addiction treatment field as delivering a unique confluence of the latest advances in addiction medicine and clinical sciences with the timeless healing found within 12-step recovery.

Origins provides individualized treatment that is formed based on the specific needs of each one of our patients. While addiction does have many common elements, as well as many common solutions, we have found that the manner in which addiction has manifested itself within the lives of our clients varies tremendously from person-to-person. Therefore, we choose to treat each and every one of our patients carefully, comprehensively and individually so that they will receive the absolute maximum therapeutic benefit from their time with us.

Client length of stay in treatment largely depends on case complexity and individual progress. Upon intake at an Origins’ Texas drug addiction recovery center, each patient goes through an elaborate assessment process facilitated by physicians, psychologists, clinicians, nurses and other addiction professionals. Our goals during assessment is to accurately identify what the range of problems are, and begin to formulate a robust treatment plan to address these challenges. Once a patient is stabilized, they are assigned an expert, multi-disciplinary team of providers who will cater to their medical, psychological and spiritual needs so as to ensure that they are comfortable and poised to undergo the truly transformative process that defines the nature of our inpatient stays. It is the belief of the Origins staff that such a healing process is made possible by the careful orchestration of both the science of addiction medicine, as well as the principles represented by 12-step recovery.


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