For many, recovery from addiction is a long, personal and often painful journey. It takes courage to make the powerful decision to change directions – to step toward a life of recovery and to stay on the path to healthy living.

Hand in hand with that courage, you want the competent support of those who truly understand what it takes to begin and sustain the effort.

It is critical to partner with a treatment center that is committed to, and singularly focused on providing you and your family with lifelong tools and resources critical to maintaining recovery from the disease of addiction.

Since 1996, Pavillon has been that place.

With a six to one patient/counselor ratio, and our longer treatment stays, we help individuals and families replace old patterns of behavior with new, healthy ways of living and relating to the world around them.

Research shows that longer residential treatment, coupled with several years of supervised recovery, result in far better outcomes. Therefore, we strongly encourage patients to make that important commitment of time to their treatment.


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