Phone Apps to Help People in Recovery

These days, it seems as though “there’s an app for that” is the answer to just about everything.  But can an app help you stay sober?  The surprising answer may be Yes.

Here are some of the most popular and most effective apps that can be found on the market.

Stop Drinking with Andrew Johnson

People all over the world travel to listen to Andrew Johnson speak.  This app is a powerful app focused on motivation.  Johnson is a licensed hypnotist and stress management expert and his program relies on positive suggestions, motivation, relaxation and visualization to help you stay on track.

Biblical Encouragement – Alcohol Addiction

If you are someone who frequently turns to a higher power when you’re struggling, this is an app that can help.

The app allows you to select from 35 different common feelings that people experience.  Based upon your selections, you will receive powerful and uplifting biblical verses.

Twenty-four Hours a Day

This is based on the classic meditation book that provides you with prayers, thoughts and meditations that can be accessed 24/7 whenever you need them.  Battling alcoholism is a round-the-click battle and this app is ready to help, regardless of the time of day.

Blood Alcohol Calculator

This popular app is for anyone who drinks and thinks they’re “ok” to drive.  All you have to do is tell the app how many drinks you’ve had and the time period you’ve been drinking.

The app will then calculate your estimated blood alcohol level.  Hopefully, this will be enough to keep you from getting behind the wheel of a car when you shouldn’t be driving.

SoberApp – Alcohol Calculator

This app goes a step farther when calculating your blood alcohol level.  The app includes a built in reaction test to show you (not just tell you) what your level of impairment is.  It also makes it easy for you to stay safe because it shows where you can find the nearest taxi.

12 Steps AA Companion

If you are a believer in the 12-step program for recovery, this is a must-have app.  Of course, it provides you with a virtual copy of the 12-step book, but it also tells you about all of the upcoming AA meetings in your area.

My Daily Journal

There is a lot of homework involved for people who are trying to recover from alcohol abuse.  Each of the steps involves work that you have to do and keep track of.

You need to make amends, recognize the things that trigger your drinking and start paying much more attention to your thoughts, feelings and the things you do.

This app gives you a great place to keep track of all these activities and to record your deepest, personal thoughts.  Your privacy is protected through passwords, but you also have the ability to share with social media networks if you have something you would like to share with your friends.

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