Pill Drop Off – No Questions Asked

Unused and/or outdated prescriptions are a big contributor to the sale of drugs on the streets and even in our schools.

  • Individuals who are on multiple medications are sitting on a “gold mine” in the eyes of a drug dealer or drug user.
  • Dealers and users are stealing drugs from family members.
  • There have also been numerous cases of health care aides stealing prescriptions from their clients.

In an effort to reduce this crime, communities are offering “Pill Drop Offs”.

People are encouraged to take all of their unused and/or outdated medications (prescribed and over-the-counter) to the drop offs which are manned by the police department, Council on Substance Abuse, and other such agencies.

When the pills are dropped off, no questions are asked.  People can choose to cross out their names ahead of time with a black permanent marker, but are encouraged to not cross off any of the information.

At a recent Pill Drop Off in Allegany County, located in Western, NY, over 15,000 controlled substances were safely disposed of.  These drugs have a combined street value of $178,200!  Thankfully, the drugs have been disposed of properly and will never be available to dealers and users.

Because of the success of the Pill Drop Offs earlier in the year, the Sherriff’s Department has set up a permanent drop off box that people can utilize any hour of the day.  (Partners for Prevention, www.ppaccentral.org)

With initiatives, such as the Pill Drop Off, communities are making a strong effort to keep our schools safer.

Let’s think about it.

As a parent, you wouldn’t leave a loaded gun on the counter knowing that other people, especially children live in the house.

We need to think in the same fashion regarding controlled substances.  They should not be kept in a place where others will have easy access to them.

If you’re no longer taking a particular prescription, then dispose it.

Lastly, by utilizing a Pill Drop Off, we are doing our water system a favor.  Flushing dozens of pills can cause damage to our water.

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