Project Turnabout

Every day, we at Project Turnabout witness firsthand, the miracle of lives being restored from the devastation of drug and alcohol addiction, compulsive gambling addiction and family violence.  For the past 40 years, thousands of individuals and families have had hoped restored in their lives through our responsive treatment, intervention, prevention and education programs.  We serve all individuals with Compassionate Hearts, Professional Services and in a Respectful Environment.

Our sole mission is to operate services designed to help alcohol and drug dependent people, compulsive gamblers and perpetrators of domestic abuse or community violence. Project Turnabout’s treatment program is based on three components of care — therapy, education, and fellowship — and is guided by the 12-step philosophy addressing the whole person in body, mind, and spirit.

Project Turnabout prides itself in providing high quality, affordable addiction treatment services.  Our main campus is located in Granite Falls, MN in the heart of the Minnesota River Valley in a serene natural prairie campus surrounded by beautiful granite outcroppings.  It houses 89 patients.  We provide comprehensive detoxification, medical, clinical and spiritual care.  Our caring, experienced professionals provide education, therapy and support with love and respect for the individual dignity of all patients.


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