A PREMIER RECOVERY PROVIDER – Overcoming the pain and despair of addiction is the most difficult challenge anyone can face. There are no shortcuts, no magic solutions. And frankly, there are no bargains. Not when the cost of relapse is so high. QUESTHOUSE is a voluntary retreat for spiritual recovery, uniquely committed to the long-term healing of its guests. Our caring focuses on the whole person—body, mind, and spirit—not just surface symptoms. QUESTHOUSE is a secret place apart from the everyday world to entertain silence in the heart, to listen to the inner voice—a place for the addicted person to discover his or her own recovery. QUESTHOUSE’s sole purpose is to promote healing. Our staff is bound together by a passionate belief in the innate dignity of every human person. Guests are cared for in a gentle, respectful manner and are provided a safe place for the healing process to begin.


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