Recovery First

Our drug rehab center in Florida offers the best promise of lasting recovery for those suffering from drug addiction and alcoholism. This is because we provide a safe harbor where an addict or alcoholic can take refuge from the onset of Post Acute Withdrawal Symptoms – the most challenging obstacle to a lifetime of recovery. These symptoms are the consequences of drug abuse and addiction and manifest in the form of physical, mental and emotional damage. We have developed our drug rehab center in Florida to specifically and aggressively address these issues with a highly successful, unique addiction treatment program that cannot be found elsewhere.

Our Florida drug rehab center has one of the highest success rates in the drug addiction treatment industry because we offer one of the few true Residential Inpatient Programs in Florida. People who reach out to us for help are able to get treatment in a professional facility where clients both live and receive therapy. A clean and welcoming environment is blended with the dedicated, round-the-clock attention that our clients deserve. This is the most intense and comprehensive form of treatment and is appropriate if you are free of intoxication or withdrawal symptoms and have:

  • Biomedical conditions sufficient to distract from recovery
  • An inability to control impulses to drink or use drugs
  • Anti-social, harmful and/or self-defeating behaviors
  • Poor social and interpersonal skills and living environment

Our reality-based clinical philosophy and practices are intense and seek to aggressively treat addicts and alcoholics with a variety of traditional therapies. We are far more serious and far more comprehensive than typical “Florida Model” drug treatment programs that are actually only outpatient programs with offsite housing. We believe that it takes more to achieve lasting recovery and as a result have instituted one of the best denial management and relapse prevention programs available. In fact, we take our obligations to our clients so seriously that we have obtained Joint Commission Accreditation.


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