Some Cool People and I Learned About Myself

I did rehab for 3 months.   The first month was terrible because I was doing some extra drugs I didn’t tell them about so I spent a lot longer coming down from them than expected.   I really don’t think I slept for a couple weeks after they stopped giving me valium after a few days.

I really thought that a large majority of the people who worked at the facility were cool.  There are a few who seems to be on a big old power trip, but most of them have been-there-done-that so they totally get what you’re going through.

One bad thing is that it’s really easy to get into fights, even when you don’t usually fight a lot.  When you put a group of addicts who are irritated and feeling like they need a hit, you’re going to get a lot of conflict.

But I also still talk to a couple of great friends that I found in rehab.

I wasn’t sold on the 12 step stuff, but played along with them because it seemed like it would make life easier.  I found out while doing this that I actually learned a few things about myself.

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