Research the Reputation of Each Rehab Facility

At this point you should have a list of possible rehab facilities that meet all of your requirements.  This should be smaller than the list you started with because any substance abuse treatment facility that didn’t have everything from your “must” list should have been removed.

Now it is time to do additional research to find out more about the reputation of the rehab facilities that are still on your list.  This will help you further reduce the size of your list and make a final decision.


The first thing you should do is check for reviews on the site.  Our goal is to provide unbiased reviews (NOT just information from sales people like you will find on all the other sites) that give you an honest picture of the rehab facility you are considering.

Internet Search

The intent of our site is to become a comprehensive site so you won’t need to go anyplace else for information.  However, while we continue to build up the site, you may have to do internet searches to find out what other people are saying about the various substance abuse facilities.

After reviewing, you should do an internet search for the name of the rehab facility from your list.  You should add words like “review”, “reviews”, “complaints”, “scam”, “ripoff”, etc.

While you will definitely have to use the internet to help with your research, you also have to read them with a critical eye and be very careful with how much weight you give to these opinions and reviews.

There are several reasons that make it confusing to research rehab facilities online.

  • People tend to complain a lot online, just because they can
  • Many people who end up at a rehab clinic aren’t happy to be there, that is likely to influence their perception of their experience
  • Some facilities post reviews that are just snippets from their brochure

When you are searching for opinions online, it is important to remember that it is just an opinion.  Also remember that some people who leave comments on online forums do so with a hidden agenda.


  • If their review says it was the most wonderful experience of their lives in every respect, you may be reading something from a sales person in disguise.
  • If it was the most horrible experience, you may be reading something from an addict who was forced to attend rehab when they weren’t yet ready to accept treatment.
  • Addicts are quite adept at protecting their addiction and are very clever with their excuses to enable them to continue on their destructive past.  They will come up with excuses to blame the facility for their problems instead of taking responsibility for them.
  • Loved ones who paid for the treatment may leave scathing reviews as well due to the excuses given by the addict.  It is easier for them to believe that the facility failed rather than face up to the fact that the problem was with the addict.  You have to read between the lines when you read online reviews to figure out where the truth lies.

Things to look for to identify suspicious reviews:

  • Honest reviews typically tell you both the good points and the bad points
  • Reviews that look like they came from a brochure are probably not real
  • Multiple positive reviews that were all posted around the same time may have been posted by a marketing company

If you have any concerns about a particular rehab facility, you should cross them off your list.  This is too important of a decision to risk using a facility that isn’t top-rate.


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