Rockdale Houses

Overview of the Rockdale House Recovery Program:

The Rockdale Houses for Men and Women are long-term residential recovery programs for alcoholics and addicts.  The program was founded in 1974 and is a Certified Recovery Residence through the Department of Human Resources.  Our goal is to help men and women restore their lives, become productive members of society, and offer assistance to families.  Completion of the program requires stable employment, a sober environment in which to live and a positive attitude.

The program is a minimum of four months; however, an individual may stay longer if there is a need.  It is a proven fact that the longer an alcoholic/addict is in a protected environment the better the chance at sobriety.  Residents are taught the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and have individual counseling sessions,  life skills groups, anger management classes, active parenting classes, relapse prevention groups and alcohol/drug education while in the program.  Families also are offered education on addiction as well as recovery.

The Rockdale Houses are very strict and structured.  The residents share household duties and attend and participate in three meetings a day.  They are taught order, discipline and to take responsibility for their actions, which helps them make better life choices.

Our fees are very affordable.  There is a $500 admission fee which is non refundable and $42.50 a day beginning on the date of admission.  Residents are responsible for all medical expenses incurred while in the program.

Each house is staffed twenty-four hours a day by individuals who are in recovery.  This approach allows residents the opportunity to model themselves after the success of someone who has had the same experiences and is recovering successfully.  In addition, both houses have certified addiction counselors on staff.

Both houses are located in “Olde Towne” Conyers, and the Women’s House is on the National Registry of Historic Homes.

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