Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Center

sacred heartPhone Number: 888-802-7472


Facility Description: At Sacred Heart we realize recovery is personal and each client’s personal plan for recovery must reflect his or her individuality.  We specifically tailor our behavioral healthcare to promote a personalized plan of service for each of our clients.  After all, it’s your life, your recovery.

Most clients are not alone in experiencing addictive disorders, mental illness and AIDS/HIV.  These are progressive diseases that test the love and support of families and friends.  That is why we blend the self-help principles of Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous with evidence-based professional therapeutic techniques.  Each individual plan can call for a combination of group therapy, individual therapy, specialty group, didactic education offerings, recreational activities, 12 Step groups and peer support matched to his or her needs and readiness to change.

We acknowledge that there are many barriers to recovery but they should not include financial, cultural, racial, ethnic, gender, age, lifestyle or other irrelevant factors. Regardless of our clients social and economic status each should have the access to the right care at the right time in the right setting.

Address:  P.O. Box 41038

City, State, Zip:   Memphis, MI 48041

Categories: Detox, Mental Illness, Recovery Housing, Substance Abuse

Type of Care Provided: In/Outpatient

Primary Focus: 12-Step

Population Served: Adolescents, Adults

Cost:  $

Forms of Payment Accepted:


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