Sand Island Treatment Center

  Addiction is a painful and degrading condition which yields a high rate of recovery when treated appropriately and adequately.  

        Relapse, rather than being a common feature of recovery, is all too often the result of a shallow or biased assessment process resulting in patient placement at an inappropriate level of care and/or intensity of services.

        This practice, in almost all cases, leads to insufficient treatment support and a blandly superficial treatment experience. As a result of this clinical failure to identify and legitimately address other highly individualized contributing factors in the addictive disorder the patient is left functionally unmoved, unchanged and unprepared to sufficiently value and protect abstinence.

        The nature of addiction is to impoverish in mind, body, spirit, and resources.  In many cases a family will have been brought to the point of hopeless disoriented anguish before the addicted person agrees to commit to recovery.

        When any treatment agency or professional attempts to assist under such circumstances special care must be exercised to ensure that the actions taken are fueled solely by a genuine desire to see those lives made right again by the most direct supportive and effective means possible.


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