Santé Center for Healing

Santé Center for Healing offers treatment and rehabilitation for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, or process addictions such as, sex addiction, compulsive gambling/gaming, and eating disorders.  Santé also offers a Professional Health Program designed to meet the specific needs of the impaired physician. We know treatment works!

Individuals who have lost hope because of substance use disorders or process/behavioral addictions, can find treatment and recovery at Santé. Patients at Santé receive a spectrum of addiction treatment addressing the whole person — mind, body and emotions. Whether residential or outpatient, the Santé staff creates the clinical treatment atmosphere needed to work with all drug abuse and addiction issues. The patient population typically includes licensed professionals along with the general population characterized through a diversity of religious, ethnic and sexual orientation.

This interdisciplinary approach to healing, coupled with the extraordinary qualifications of the Santé staff and significant individualized attention to addiction therapy, makes the difference. We offer both residential and outpatient addiction treatment programs to meet the needs of any individual, including those suffering from complex behavioral health issues.


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