seafieldPhone Number: 1-800-448-4808


Facility Description: SEAFIELD believes that alcoholism and substance abuse are primary, chronic diseases with genetic, psychosocial and environmental factors. Treatment programs need to provide services that restore dignity to clients, support a return to healthier, more productive lifestyles, and provide programs to prevent relapse and assist families as well as the client.

Therefore, Seafield treatment programs include inpatient rehabilitation, detox, day treatment, intensive outpatient treatment, group and individual sessions, a structured family program and recovery housing for adult men and women. A client in need of addiction treatment can enter our comprehensive system at any level of appropriate services.

Address:  7 Seafield Lane

City, State, Zip:   Westhampton, NY 11978

Categories:  Aftercare, Detox, Dual Diagnosis, Recovery Housing

Type of Care Provided:  In/Outpatient

Primary Focus:  12-Step

Population Served:  16 and Up

Cost:  $

Forms of Payment Accepted:  Insurance, Self-Pay


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