Serenity House

Serenity House offers both residential and outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation at our locations throughout Texas. Our highly trained and compassionate staff treats each of our patients with the utmost respect and the encouragement he or she needs to battle the alienating disease of addiction. In fact, our licensed professionals carefully assess each individual’s needs and then seek to provide him with the tools he needs to live a successful life in recovery.

Serenity Foundation of Texas

…with more than 150 residental beds. Serenity House was founded 24 years ago to offer individuals struggling with addiction what they needed most, HOPE. Over the years Serenity has helped more than 22,000 people suffering from addiction, and we would like to help you too.
Serenity House is one of the largest substance abuse treatment programs in the Southwest, with fully JCAHO accredited facilities in Abilene, Fredericksburg, and Wichita Falls.
If you or someone you love is battling this horrible disease, please give us a call. The Serenity staff is available 24 hours a day at our toll-free hotline. All calls are completely confidential.


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