Sobering News: There’s A New Weed In Town

In a few parts of the world, the use of marijuana is legal for medicinal purposes. It’s interesting to note that in a country, such as Israel, medical marijuana has been approved for about 6,000 people suffering from anxiety, cancer, schizophrenia and other illnesses.  In the United States, only a handful of states have legalized weed for such purposes.

One of the huge debates regarding the use of marijuana for medical purposes, is the after-effect…the high.  Are people asking to be prescribed marijuana more for the high rather than its actual healing powers?  Israel has now developed a strand of marijuana that will meet the needs for medical purposes, minus the high afterwards.  This new weed is known as Sober Weed.

Sober Weed appears very much like the real thing.  It has the same shape, taste and scent as regular marijuana, but no after-effects.  Users won’t experience a high, nor will they crave food.  With this new strand, THC, the ingredient that makes you high, has been neutralized.  The effects of CBD, which is why marijuana has been used for medicinal purposes, has been increased.

Is Sober Weed the solution for an effective treatment or is it going to create more chaos in the world of substance abuse?  Only time will tell.

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