Sun Salutation House

You will co-create your own recovery program with the support and guidance of our life coaching professionals. We believe that recovery looks different for each and every client. There is no rehab cookie cutter designed program to recovery that works for each and every person. You “get to” not “have to” build a life that leaves your addiction behind. Through alcohol treatment education, life coaching tools, AODA counseling, nutrition education, exercise, and spiritual discovery, you will learn the tools that work best for you. We design opportunities that allow you to hone your skills with your newly discovered tools so when you leave here, you know how to use them.

We treat YOU as a “whole” person. We address and support Emotional, Mental, Physical and Spiritual Growth. Addiction affects you in every area of your life, and we are here to support and promote the healing in all areas, so you can feel great!


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