Sundown Ranch, Inc.

SundownPhone Number: 903-479-3933


Facility Description: Sundown Ranch is a treatment facility designed to meet the needs of individuals suffering from chemical dependency and related co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Our primary purpose is to provide quality services to adolescents and young adults. The ranch, 450 acres of rolling hills, lakes and trees, provides a highly structured and individualized program in an environment where young people can learn to live free of drugs and alcohol. In combating their dependency, clients develop a sense of personal identity, and strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence. The open peaceful environment-a contrast to the institutional, hospital-like atmosphere of many rehabilitation facilities is part of the treatment and therapy.

Address: 3120 VZCR 2318

City, State, Zip: Canton, TX  75103

Categories: Inpatient, Adolescent, Dual Diagnosis

Type of Care Provided: Inpatient

Primary Focus: 12 Step

Population Served: Adolescent

Cost: $

Forms of Payment Accepted:

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