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Active addiction does not exist in a vacuum-it thrives in an complex environment which includes co-occurring biological and psychological disorders, related behavioral addictions, high risk behaviors, dysfunctional relationships, maladaptive life skills and severely damaged life histories.

It is the philosophy of Sunrise House Foundation that being “CLEAN AND SOBER” begins through the development of healthy relationships in the context of a safe, supportive and secure structured setting. Guided by the principles and traditions of 12 STEP RECOVERY anchored in medical/social research, engaging the alcoholic/addict in the interactive group and individual processes of care provides the vehicle. The compulsion to continue the use of alcohol and other psychoactive substances is powerful-willpower alone is no match for compulsion. Therefore, if the substance dependent person is to enter recovery, he/she must be brought into the experience of treatment that is rooted in respect, compassion, discipline, structure, kindness and hope by skilled professionals. Recovery is a dynamic process that requires active and continuous investment. 12 Step work with clinical/counseling therapeutic modalities creates a powerful synergy and leading to self-discovery and understanding that is SOBRIETY.

Addiction is an illness that not only affects the active alcoholic/addict; it impacts the entire family system. Best practices demand that family members and significant others need to be involved in the treatment process. Family investment in the allied, 12 STEP support groups of Al-Anon, Nar-Anon and others is necessary to achieve optimal outcome.

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