Synergy Group Services Inc.

Our drug and alcohol treatment programs are founded in the philosophy that each individual program will be designed to provide dignified care in a multi-modality environment. By combining the key components of Traditional (12 step), Holistic and Alternative Therapies, Synergy creates positive synergistic outcomes for our clients.
Why is Synergy Group Services Inc. different from other addiction treatment facilities?

1. Synergy provides a peaceful and intimate setting in South Florida with our client to clinical staff ratio carefully managed to not exceed 3:1. This allows the Synergy team to design and implement a holistic individualized treatment plan to ensure success for chemical dependency, alcohol addiction, heroin addiction, prescription drug abuse, and/ or gambling addiction.

2. Synergy Group Services Inc. has faced the disease of addiction as a family. It is because of our journey that we have the passion, desire, knowledge and skill to help your family.

3. Synergy also believes strongly in Dual Diagnosis treatment and rehab as a complementary tool in addiction recovery. Our dual diagnosis treatment program is especially effective due to the fact that Synergy designs treatment plans based on individual needs since no two individuals are the same.


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