Should You Consider Telephone Counseling for Your Addiction?

It might sound a little strange, but there is a growing chorus of people who are starting to get help for their addiction by getting counseling over the phone instead of in person.

Clearly, one downside is that the therapist will not be able to see your face, body language and your reactions to the things you talk about.  They could be missing important insights that would help them with your treatment.

However, there are also some reasons that you should still consider therapy via the telephone.

It’s More Convenient

Clearly, one of the biggest benefits to receiving counseling over the phone is that it is much more convenient for you.

Instead of having to drive to and from the therapist’s office, find a babysitter for the kids and dealing with parking and traffic hassles, you can sit in your favorite chair, in your living room and just pick up the phone.

With a speakerphone, it’s also easier to get other family members to attend the sessions as well, if their presence would be beneficial.

Easier to Take Notes

Frequently, the therapist will give the client “homework”, things to think about or even items to research online.  However, it can be difficult to remember these tasks when you are in a formal therapy setting.  You could take notes, but generally people feel much more comfortable taking notes for things like this when they are NOT in the same room as the therapist.

If you have a speakerphone or another “hands-free” device, it’s even easier.  In this case, you can even take notes throughout the session.  This will allow you to replay all of the important points it in your mind after the session.

More Comfortable

In therapy, there is no way around it, you have to talk.  Sometimes you even have to talk about topics that make you very uncomfortable.  It can be much easier for people to start to open up (especially in the beginning) when they are comfortably in their home rather than in an unfamiliar office.

Some people also have a mental block about actually walking into a therapist office.  They may just be uncomfortable doing this, or they may be concerned that someone else will see them.  These aren’t issues when you are getting your counseling over the phone.


Getting counseling for your addiction over the phone isn’t something that will work for everyone.  However, if you have concerns about comfort and convenience, it may be something that you should consider.

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