Texas Star Recovery

Texas star recoveryPhone Number: 512-462-6729

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Facility Description: Facing alcohol and drug addiction is never easy.  Addictive behavior destroys countless lives and harms everyone in its wake.

Despite the situation you may find yourself in today, there is hope.  There is hope for those who suffer from alcoholism and/or drug addiction.  There is hope for those who know someone in the grasp of addiction.

Texas Star Recovery is here to help with the emotional and physical complexities involved in overcoming addiction.  We recognize that every person’s struggle with addiction is unique and tailor our programming based upon those individual needs.

With a certified addictionologist, a team of specialized physicians and staff, Texas Star Recovery helps people overcome addiction by helping them understand their relationship with addiction.

Substance abuse is often indicative of underlying issues which create the desire to self-medicate. Texas Star Recovery treats people for substance abuse and specializes in treating those who suffer from dual diagnosis/co-occurring disorder.

Address: 1106 West Dittmar Road

City, State, Zip: Austin, TX 78745

Categories: Detox, 12 Step, Dual Diagnosis, Aftercare

Type of Care Provided: In and Outpatient

Primary Focus: 12 Step

Population Served: Adults

Cost: $

Forms of Payment Accepted: Insurance, Self Pay

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