The Arbor

The Arbor is a 12-step based Alcohol and Substance Use Disorder program that was created by a team of addiction professionals with over 95 years of experience in the field of chemical dependency. The Arbor Treatment Program is designed as a 15-month program of support and comprised of two core phases: a 90-day residential treatment program followed up with a 12- month aftercare support program.

Experience recovering from your drug or alcohol addiction in a home-like environment located on 67 rolling, oak –filled acres in Austin, Texas (TX). The property, located in beautiful Central, Texas (TX), offers two large residential homes, river frontage, and recreational opportunities. We are a coed program, specializing in the treatment of Drug and Alcohol abuse, and work with adults of all ages from all walks of life. One of the benefits of being a boutique and private holistic drug rehab facility is our client population is small enough to assess and understand every person individually, while being large enough to enable clients to learn from others’ experiences and the advantages that come from walking the path of recovery with others.

The Arbor offers an integrated dual diagnosis program, which means addressing the addiction AND the mental health issues of each client. Our specialized treatment program offers individual and group therapies, progressive medical assessments, and state of the art technologies to assist each client accomplishing their goals. In our 90-day residential treatment phase each client will partake in working on internal issues as well as putting a positive focus on their physical well- being.

The Arbor program encourages clients to include family members or loved ones, interventionists, clinicians, and medical professionals to participate and support them in their recovery process. Our role is to assist clients and their loved ones in understanding addiction, assessing and dealing with their particular life or mental health issues, and help them create a life that they deserve. It is possible, and prescription drug rehab can start today.

We understand admitting that you or someone you love has an alcohol or drug problem is not easy. In fact, it is extremely difficult. Life experiences, psychological or psychiatric issues and other external factors can contribute to an individual’s pain and struggles – as well as to their success in achieving sobriety, lifelong health, and wellness. Many individuals as well as families struggle with issues caused by addiction and substance use disorders every day. We have exceptional programs for drug rehab in Texas as well as alcohol rehab in Texas.  At The Arbor, our programs are designed to address all areas of chemical dependency and addictive behaviors.

The Arbor will not only help you achieve sobriety, but maintain it, while helping you learn about yourself and improve your overall quality of life. We provide you access to a group of very knowledgeable and caring experts and expose you to impactful experiences. From our medical and clinical directors, to our case managers and support staff, the goal is the same: to help you and your loved ones move forward and heal.


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