The González Recovery Residences

The González Recovery Residences provide a variety of structured long term residential substance abuse treatment settings in Virginia and Florida. Since 1990, The GRR has established a number of long term treatment homes offering varying levels of structure and luxury: Alexandria Colonial Home – our fully licensed long term drug rehab in Northern Virginia; Cottages – one of our Florida long term rehab facilities; Villa Mizner – our beautiful Florida extended care addiction treatment estate home; Plantation Home – our high end, customized, luxury long term rehab.

The GRR affordable drug rehab programs provide residents with 24/7 supervision, from the residents’ initial immersion into the local Twelve Step community to the residents’ subsequent gradual seamless re-integration as happy and sober productive members of society. The GRR affordable alcohol treatment long term rehab facilities provide clean, comfortable, supportive, intimate, individualized, long term drug rehabilitation settings designed to inspire the residents and help them realize that recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is a privilege rather than a punishment. Please refer to The GRR at a Glance for a more detailed description of The GRR affordable alcohol rehab long term programs and long term rehabilitation facilities. The GRR long term drug treatment facilities address the needs of clients regardless of age or gender; residents needing affordable addiction treatment dual diagnosis treatment facilities, eating disorder or self-harm need to be stable prior to admission.

The GRR alcohol treatment extended care program in Alexandria, Virginia is licensed by the Virginia Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse while The GRR long term rehabs in Florida outsource therapy to local professionals. For an overview, please refer to a recent article in Vero Beach Magazine. In all locations, The GRR long term rehab programs work with local ASAM certified doctors to provide supervision and medication management.

Traditionally, the GRR has served the adult population by providing dignified long term drug rehab centers integrating tailored residential long term addiction treatment options with a discriminating lifestyle that appeals to recovering professionals, executives, baby boomers and older adults.

Similar to the benefit that GRR “early recovery residents” derive from having a sober buddy by their side as they become immersed in the local recovery community; “middle recovery residents” benefit from a sober professional buddy who assists with their re-integration into the real world of work and financial responsibility.

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