The Grapevine House Treatment Center

About The Grapevine House

 The Grape Vine House offers individuals working through their recovery a safe environment to work on their sobriety and regain their independence before entering back into the ‘real world’. When working through an addiction it is important not to rush back out into the general population, for some this can trigger the addiction and result in relapse. At The Grape Vine House any and all issues are addressed and the staff makes sure the individual is ready to handle the stress of the real world with strength as well as having the independence to care for themselves and maintain sober living.

All are welcome!

The Grape Vine House is a Recovery Center that welcomes both men and women, people of all walks of life that are need of an in between environment to help them through their recovery and  prepare themselves for the real world and any stresses it my hold. The Grape Vine House has highly trained chemical dependency professionals that are able to assist in any needs the individual may have. Producing a safe and secure environment that allows recovery in comfort is done at The Grape Vine House.

1 (877) 888-4643

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