The House of Hope

The House of Hope provides alcohol and other drug treatment services to those who are most in need, so that they may maximize their potential, become productive members of society, and enjoy those gifts of life that are available in sobriety.

Alcohol and drug addictions are primary, chronic and progressive diseases. Addiction may ultimately be fatal if left untreated.  With appropriate treatment, progression may be interrupted and ongoing recovery begun.  This concept is supported by the American Medical Association, the U.S. Public Health Service and professionals in the treatment field.

Abstinence is the primary treatment goal for any client receiving services at all House of Hope programs.  “Abstinence” means total avoidance of drinking alcohol, using illicit drugs or prescription drugs illicitly.  Prescription drugs prescribed by a physician and used under a physician’s care are exceptions.

deaf THINK POSITIVE helps people stop hurting self with drinking alcohol too much or using drugs. That is a disease, not the person’s fault. We learn to live positive and enjoy life from counseling, art, video, healthy living, and theatre activities.

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