The John Brooks Recovery Center (JBRC)

The John Brooks Recovery Center (JBRC) believes in providing cost effective, quality substance abuse rehabilitation treatment to all applicants regardless of race, ethnic origin, HIV status, sexual orientation, gender, age or socioeconomic position.  Denying appropriate care to all applicants, for whatever reason, shall be deemed unethical.
Successful long term outcomes require addressing relapse potential, behavior modification, expanded opportunities to improve life style (educational and vocational programming), and as such JBRC incorporates all life areas into the treatment plan for recovery.
The John Brooks Recovery Center’s treatment philosophy is based on the following tenets:
·    A Patient-Centered approach.  We are committed to the creation of a client friendly treatment experience. This approach encompasses the admission procedure, the facility, all staff/client interactions and the course of treatment.

·    The disease model of addiction. JBRC considers addiction to be a chronic, progressive disorder, subject to relapse, which affects the entire family and community-at-large. Although the course of the illness may vary in severity and chronicity from individual to individual, if left untreated the individual will experience significant health, psychological, legal and economic problems.

·    Utilizing a bio-psychosocial approach when assessing and treating a client. The bio-psycho-social model asserts that the addict has a basic emotional/spiritual problem that led to drug use and that the addict has a need to understand his/her psychosocial problems as they relate to a drug-free lifestyle. The impact of lifelong environmental factors, i.e., generational addiction/poverty, rape, incest and physical abuse shall be assessed and become critical issues to which resolution will become critical to long term recovery.

·    Recovery is a life long process that requires a significant level of commitment by the client. Participation in 12-Step support groups can be an effective adjunct to treatment for most people.

·    JBRC utilizes a developmental/phase approach to treatment that is driven by the client’s problem severity as identified in their treatment plan. Treatment plans address problem areas as described in the ASAM PPC-2R.

·    Critical to addiction treatment are HIV/Hep-C testing, education, harm reduction and early intervention strategies for individuals receiving a positive result.

·    JBRC recognizes the prevalence of psychiatric co-occurring disorders among the substance abusing population. JBRC will assess each client with a co occurring disorder to determine their ability to participate in substance abuse treatment with the support of appropriate medication.

·    JBRC recognizes the value of medication assisted therapy such as methadone and suboxone for opiate addicts. We believe clients involved in medication assisted therapy should have all levels of care available to them without prejudice.

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