The McLean Center at Fernside

The McLean Center at Fernside

The McLean Center at Fernside is a comprehensive residential alcohol and drug treatment program located in the quaint town of Princeton, Massachusetts, 50 miles west of Boston. The program offers concurrent treatment for addiction and other psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety. Guided by the exceptional clinical care and innovative addiction research at McLean Hospital, the McLean Center at Fernside aims to help adults recover from addiction, maintain abstinence, and gain the insight and skills needed for a full recovery and a life free from drugs and alcohol.

The program offers expert individualized treatment and rehabilitation that includes comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and on-going treatment by an addiction psychiatrist with five-day-a-week availability, along with individual and evidenced-based group therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) provided by highly trained clinicians. Our comprehensive mind and body rehabilitation program includes yoga, mindfulness, individualized fitness programs, general health education, and expressive art and music therapies. Collaboration with referring providers, family education and support, and extensive aftercare planning are also included in the overall addiction treatment plan.

The McLean Center at Fernside provides exceptional, confidential treatment. Our research confirms our dedication to service quality—95% of our clients report receiving excellent care.*

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