The Providence Center

Recovery Is Possible

  • Rhode Island has the highest percentage in the nation (12.5%) of residents 12 and older who used illicit drugs in the last month. (SAMHSA 2012)
  • 10% of Americans are in recovery. (Partnership for a Drug-free America, 2012)

Recovery is possible. That’s the guiding philosophy behind The Providence Center’s recovery services. The Providence Center believes that by meeting people where they are in their recovery, helping them achieve their goals, finding their strengths and overcome barriers with supportive community-based services, people with mental health and substance use problems can and do recover.

The Providence Center developed programs that give people in recovery the tools they need to live full and productive lives:

  • Anchor Recovery Community Center, Rhode Island’s first recovery center, offering peer-to-peer coaching, 12-step groups, support groups and trainings, vocational services, health and wellness activities, case management and housing support and social activities.
  • Anchor Learning Academy, Rhode Island’s first recovery high school for students who have completed substance use treatment


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