The Ranch at Dove Tree

the Ranch at Dove treePhone Number: 800-218-6727


Facility Description: We know recovery works.According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, when a recovery program is tailored to the individual needs of a client, treatment for alcohol and drug addiction is as effective as treatments for other illnesses, such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma.  Each Recovery Program at The Ranch at Dove Tree incorporates primary concepts that work together to empower individuals. The following concepts serve as the framework for each Recovery Program at Dove Tree:

(1)  Addiction is a disease that can be effectively treated by introducing an individual to tools that
provide him/her access to new individual and social support resources;
(2)  Long-term recovery is not possible without incorporating basic wellness practices into all
areas of life; and
(3)  Pro-social identity development results from self-awareness and from the creation of values,
boundaries, and goals that are congruent with this self-awareness.

Address: 1406 County Road 5800

City, State, Zip: Lubbock, TX  79403

Categories: Detox, Substance Abuse Treatment

Type of Care Provided: In and Out-Patient

Primary Focus: 12-Step

Population Served: Adults, Young Adults

Cost: $

Forms of Payment Accepted:

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