The Reality of College Life and Partying

A four year scholarship, a 4.0 grade point average and a guaranteed job offer for the summer…my brother Jake was loving his college experience!  Two weeks prior to graduation, everything changed.

I had heard about substance abuse at fraternity and sorority parties, but was naive in terms of how out of control some of these parties can be.

Jake was not the partying type of guy.  He never had a drink in his life nor tried any type of drugs.  When his friend Allie announced that she was going to a frat party with a few of her friends, Jake expressed concern.  There was no changing Allie’s mind, but she did agree to let Jake meet her at 2 AM and walk her back to her dorm.

When Jake arrived at the party, he was instantly forced to the ground by four frat brothers.  The guys thought it would be funny to make Jake drink, since they knew he wasn’t a drinker.  As they tried to force alcohol into his mouth, Jake began to choke.  One of the guys wouldn’t let up.  Jake was dead before the ambulance ever arrived.  After a thorough investigation, the guy who didn’t stop was found to be extremely high on prescribed drugs that he took from his grandmother’s home.

College is to prepare for the rest of your life.  Substance abuse among college kids has got to stop!

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