The Refuge Ranch, Inc.

The Refuge Ranch, Inc. exists as a residential Christian drug regeneration ministry for adult women. The ministry takes place in single family homes in an agricultural setting. The general nature of its purpose shall be to propagate among all people the Gospel of Jesus Christ based on the records contained in the Holy Bible. It also provides the home environment, Biblical instruction and the work opportunity for women trapped in chemical addiction to become new creatures in Christ Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Through the application of the Gospel to all areas of their lives, they are spiritually and emotionally healed of the pain and suffering of addiction so that all their relationships will become new as well. A critical part of becoming a complete new creature in Christ is for women, without domestic skills and home responsibilities, to learn to care and provide for a home that is Christ centered. Also, for women who must work outside the home and have no work skills or work ethic, it is important to learn to work and demonstrate a Christ-centered life style in the work place. Therefore it is the mission of The Refuge Ranch, Inc. to offer a regeneration ministry to women that combines biblical teaching with domestic and job related skills in a closely supervised environment.

Because the relationship with Christ should affect all areas of life, it is essential that women receive biblical instruction in the home environment, in the church worship services, in the work place, and on the weekend with their families. Furthermore it is the purpose of The Refuge Ranch, Inc. to train people to provide related ministry at the Refuge Ranch and at other locations.


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