Time To Flush Bath Salts Down The Drain

Up until a view months ago, you could walk into most any tobacco shop or convenience store and discover “bath sales” being sold at the main counter.

Sounds harmless, right?

After all, who doesn’t enjoy a warm relaxing bath with a nice scent?  Yet, at a cost of $10 to $50 per packet, that should be a clue that this is no ordinary bath salt.

These bath salts are synthetic drugs that you can purchase, just like you would purchase cigarettes!

Some common names for these bath salts are:

  • Cloud 9
  • Serenity Now
  • Ivory Wave
  • Blue Silk

These drugs pose a direct, serious threat to the public, especially to our teens.  In upstate NY, approximately 50 emergency room visits were made in 2011 due to bath salts.

Already in 2012, there have been almost 200 visits!

One of  the scariest things about bath salts is not knowing exactly what ingredients are being used.  Some salts are being mixed with synthetic weed or other street drugs.  When bath salts and weed are taken together, which quite often is the case, it causes dangerous effects, such as hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, and suicidal thoughts.  Users also experience chest pains and high blood pressure.

In New York state, a regulation is now in place allowing police to charge those buying or selling bath salts with possession of an illicit substance.  Convicted offenders could face up to $500 in fines or 15 days in jail.

For teens especially, we need to continue to make an effort to get rid of illegal drugs and to come down hard on those who are bring in drugs to our schools and communities.  Each year, the age of kids/teens trying out drugs ins getting younger and younger.

In regards to bath salts, flush them down the drain!

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