Total Health Recovery Program

Total Health Recovery Program and it’s team provides the  following services and treatments. For each client, one of more of these will be included in their individualized program based on their initial diagnostic assessment. Click on each service or treatment for more information.


A sacred space in a residential treatment setting where the environment and staff support you in your healing and recovery; a tailor-made program

Wholistic M.D.s

Emotional clearing tools

Access to Master healers that provide the best diagnostic, assessment and treatment services available today.

Family counseling

2 ½  hour individual sessions three to four times a week; 2-3 individual sessions per day; Reassessment after every session

Counseling on integrating of sessions

Rest to process and integrate these transformational services

Reintegration with family/community


Chiropractic adjustments both traditional and network chiropractic

Spiritual acupuncture treatments  


Internal organ clearing

Detoxification diets

Trips to mineral hot springs

Art therapy / Walks / NIA / Exercise Classes

Yoga and meditation classes


Nutritional assessment and correction

Wellness inventory

Far infrared

SCIO Biofeedback machine

Native American Sweat Lodges


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