Transformations Treatment Center

Transformations is a small, private inpatient facility with 30, 60 and 90 days of treatment.  We offer Traditional, Christian and Executive dual diagnosis treatment, all with a holistic approach.  We help our clients stop using, drinking and, most importantly, teach them how to stay that way. Transformations helps our clients get their life back!


We are a small facility with a large staff which allows our clients to receive attention whenever needed. Our therapists are Licensed Mental Health Counselors, CAP (Certified Addiction Professionals), and Master Level Therapists.  Our staff consists of caring individuals that want our clients to be successful.  From our therapists and office personnel to our technicians in the field, everyone is patient and giving of themselves. We are all highly motivated to make each client’s experience pleasurable, which in turn makes him or her more successful.


Our philosophy is to heal the whole person: mind, body and soul. It is one thing to stop using and another to stay in recovery. Our goal at Transformations is to teach our clients to stay clean and to help rebuild their relationships with others, including their higher power. We offer the most up to date innovative therapy and strive to be the best. We are ever changing to better ourselves and benefit our clients.

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