12 Step Programs

AA is not a medical treatment for alcoholics.  However, the AA program has been so effective that hospitals, treatment centers, and clinics (both inpatient and outpatient) changed their treatment programs to be based on the AA model and method.

Each person must begin the program by identifying himself or herself as an “alcoholic.”

To make it in AA, and achieve lasting sobriety, one must accept the following:

  • Alcoholism is a chronic disease
  • It’s always present
  • It is progressive because it always gets worse
  • It’s fatal because it will cause death if left untreated

After these concepts are accepted, the next barrier to cross is that the client/person needs to understand that the disease and the behaviors associated with it are “insane.”

In regular meetings, the individuals recount their suc­cesses and failures in achieving sobriety. They share their experience, strength and hope with each other to stay on their path of sobriety. They reveal at which point that they “came to believe that a power greater than themselves” could restore them to sanity.

Many other types of addictions have been successfully treated using the AA methodology.


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