Trend in Substance Abuse and the Elderly

If you’re like most people, when you hear the words “substance abuse” you think of teens and young adults.  Yet, there is a growing population that struggles with substance abuse and that’s the elderly.

Some of these people now are in the 65+ age category and are desperate to get drugs.  For some, it means going to a different doctor each time they have an illness.

Although it doesn’t happen as much as it used to, some doctors will still give out free samples of new drugs that are on the market.

A doctor may not always ask for information regarding previous prescriptions and will write a prescription not knowing that the person just had a similar prescription written by someone else.  When questioned at the pharmacy about the prescription, the person claims that he/she experienced too many side effects from the first one.  When in reality, he/she just wants to mix the two drugs.

If you know an elderly person and you suspect substance abuse, please get the person help.  Without help, the person might not make it to his/her next birthday.

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