Wayside House, Inc

Wayside House, Inc is a well respected Minnesota non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with over 55 years of solid experience helping low-income women overcome addiction and mental illness. It is among the nation’s oldest treatment centers devoted exclusively to the gender-specific needs of women.

The mission of Wayside House is to empower women to recover sobriety, identity, home, family and community by providing treatment, housing, and supportive services.

We provide a full spectrum of recovery services to help women achieve long-term sobriety. Comprehensive wraparound services help women find safe and affordable housing, continue their education, connect with health care, prepare for the work force, improve their parenting and communication skills, etc.  By building relationships and community, providing a structured and safe environment, and giving women tools to handle their many challenges, Wayside women are able to create something new:  a chemical free, mentally healthy, positive, and stable life.



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