Webster Place Recovery Center

Addiction is a brain disease characterized by the compulsive use of a substance that occurs despite negative consequences to the user. Addiction is powerful because it immobilizes basic brain functions. Recovery from alcohol and drug abuse is a process of change through which a willing individual achieves abstinence and improved health, wellness and quality of life. Recovery works, recovery is real, and peers play a critical role in fostering resilience and embodying a message of hope and gratitude. Each Webster Place resident receives a thorough introduction to the use of 12-Step Programs as the primary support system for continuing recovery after discharge. Within our Residential Program, our staff also works with residents to develop an Individualized Recovery Plan to identify personal goals and to develop strategies to support recovery and to enhance quality of life. Each resident is involved in various group activities that include understanding the disease of addiction, the impact of addiction on the family, relapse prevention, values and spirituality. Webster Place is not considered a treatment program but we are working towards the same type of recovery from alcohol and drugs as other treatment programs. Many people have tried traditional alcohol and drug treatment programs and have not been successful. We offer a different approach for those who want a new place to recover.

Growing into recovery, one person at a time, one day at a time. Webster Place Recovery Center subscribes to the belief that individuals can acquire and sustain recovery through an approach that respects personal dignity.  Our program enhancements, such as gardening, acupuncture, music and culinary participation nourish the soul. Working together, our residents engage mind, body and spirit in a process and promise of peer based recovery — and in so doing, renew themselves and help each other. A significant change in attitude and focus on life is needed to achieve this lifestyle change and while professional guidance is an effective resource, we hold firm to the belief that our residents need to get out of their familiar living environment to sustain real change and in its simplest sense, Webster Place provides a dignified place and setting for one substance abuser in recovery to help another substance abuser find recovery. That is our hope and our commitment.



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