Why Do You Need an Interventionist?

An intervention is a tricky thing to effectively pull off when you’re doing it all on your own.  Getting an addict to come to terms with the depth of their problem is a tricky process that is full of traps that will quickly take it off track if you don’t know what you’re doing.

An intervention can be difficult, emotional and exhausting… and that isn’t even taking into account all the different people and personalities that will be involved.

The main reason you should use an interventionist is quite simply because it will increase your chances of success.

The reason you’re having an intervention is because you’re truly worried about the life of a loved one.  If you’re invested enough to want to help someone, it should be worth it to take the extra step to make success more likely.

Find an interventionist who has the proper training and experience to facilitate the meeting to increase the chances that your loved one will agree that they need treatment.

Here are some more benefits to using a professional interventionist.

Reduces the Stress

Staging an intervention is stressful on its own, but if a friend or family member is taking the role of being “in charge”, it can get even more stressful.  That person may feel like the success or failure of the event (and the future of their loved one) is all on their shoulders.  That isn’t fair.

Keep the Calm

One of the biggest benefits of using a professional interventionist is that they can help keep the event calmer.

Being confronted by people who are telling you that they think you have a problem can be quite a shock.  It is common for the focus of the intervention to lash out or become defensive and argumentative.  When this happens, the loved ones usually respond in the same manner and the situation quickly becomes out of control.  This kind of environment is NOT going to convince anyone that they need to seek out treatment.

A professional interventionist will be your best chance that it doesn’t play out that way.  They are trained to steer the conversation in ways that will keep everyone calm.

Ensure Everyone Gets a Chance to Speak

Interventions are emotional for everyone.  Regardless of the plan going in, sometimes people forget what they wanted to say or they even lose their nerve and don’t speak up.

An interventionist will have a general idea of what each person wants to say before the meeting.  They will make sure that during the meeting, everyone gets a fair chance to speak.  If someone loses their nerve, the interventionist can help them feel safe to express themselves and/or to remind them of the important points they wanted to make.

Stays Focused

Another thing that happens in interventions is that the main point is lost.  Sometimes friends and family members see this as their chance to “get even” or to discuss issues from the past that haven’t seen resolution.

Airing grievances and history isn’t the purpose of an intervention.  The purpose is to help the addict understand that they need help.  Using an interventionist will keep that as the focus of the meeting and keep it from getting off track.

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