Wilderness Treatment Center

The Wilderness Treatment Center is a treatment program for drug and alcohol abusing adolescents and young adults. Located on a 4,000 acre working cattle ranch in the Rocky Mountains of Northwest Montana, the Wilderness Treatment Center’s primary goal is to introduce the participants to a way of life free from chemical dependency. Alcohol and or drug dependence has been defined as a primarily progressive and fatal disease. Like any other disease, chemical dependency requires professional treatment. Without treatment, it will get worse never better. Without professional help, improvements are slight and always temporary. Rugged and challenging activities such as backpacking, cross country skiing, rappelling, ranch work, and a wilderness expedition, offer an adventuresome and disciplined setting into which drug and alcohol abuse therapy are introduced. The drug and alcohol-free environment of our mountain ranch provides a setting devoid of most of the complications of society. The social environment of a limited group living and learning together, brings out the group cooperation needed in order to succeed. The challenges encountered on the wilderness expeditions and social living skills learned in daily activities on the ranch, as well as in the the wilderness, leads to a greater self acceptance and self esteem. Living with a chemical dependent adolescent or young adult, is not easy. His chemical use and behavior affects the whole family. Often, parents have lost all sense of trust and hope.



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