Williamette Family

The Healing Starts Here

Welcome to Willamette Family, providing a warm and nurturing environment for individuals and families seeking substance abuse and/or mental health treatment. We offer the highest degree of professionalism and care available for addiction services. Willamette Family is also one of the select agencies in the nation that operates its own Child Development Center, where children may stay with their mothers while their mothers are participating in our treatment program.

For over forty-five years Willamette Family has been assisting clients and families on the journey of recovery. Willamette Family uses evidence based therapies that are specific to meeting the needs of men, women and children and promotes proven methods of recovery.

We provide a full continuum of care and services for our clients, helping to rebuild lives and families, making Eugene and surrounding communities a better place to live and raise our families. Each year we have over two dozen births to women participating in our programs. The infants are cared for in our on-site therapeutic Child Development Center. Because the mothers were in treatment when they gave birth, the infants were not born drug affected, with low birth weight, needing to be hospitalized in the costly neo­natal care unit. The savings in lives and dollars cannot be calculated. Through the Family Reunion Program, countless mothers and their children develop a healthy life together and return to the community as a family, instead of the children languishing for years in foster care, without the love of their birth families.

We are truly “strengthening our community one family at a time.”

Willamette Family has an annual budget (2008-2009) of over 6.2 million dollars. We have 145 people on the payroll and operate programs at six sites in Eugene and one in Cottage Grove. We are licensed by the State of Oregon and meet Oregon Administrative Rules for maintaining high quality standards in all our operations and programs. We are audited annually by an outside accounting firm. Willamette Family provides quality services in a cost-effective and efficient manner by adhering to sound fiscal practices and management techniques.

We serve hundreds of clients throughout the year in our residential and outpatient programs, and we have thousands of admissions annually in the detox/sobering center. Our Child Development Center cares for dozens of infants and children daily. The work we do really does save lives, not only the lives of our clients but the lives of infants and children as well.


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