Wish I Could Have Stayed Longer

The first couple days are really rough, but then it gets better.  The place I went to gave me buprenex for the detox for three days, then I moved to the residential part of the rehab.  It seems like they really pay attention to your meds and try to find out if the reason you use is because yo9u’re not on the right kind of meds.

You usually have either AA or NA meetings because most places are heavy into the 12-step stuff, but they’ll keep your schedule busy the rest of the time too.

It’s an interesting people-watching place because after the first few days, there are two distinct groups of people.  Some of take the whole thing seriously and try to get everything they can from the treatment.  The other group are really just putting in their time because they have to be there either by court or friend/family requirements.

I wish I could have done longer programs than I did because it always seemed to get easier the longer you were there.   Unfortunately, the times that I really wanted to get clean were the times where insurance and other stuff got in the way and wouldn’t let me stay.

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