Youth Emergency Services, Inc.

yeshouselogoPhone Number: (307) 686-0669


Facility DescriptionResidential Mental Health/Substance Abuse Treatment Programs: serves youth ages 10-17 who need treatment for mental health and addictions. Youth are supervised on a 24-hour basis by degreed staff trained to manage moderate to severe behavior problems as well as psychiatric and substance abuse/chemical dependency disorders. The program provides individual, group, and family therapy as well as many cutting-edge/evidence-based modalities of treatment for youth in need of treatment for substance use, abuse or dependence. The average length of stay in residential treatment is 6 to 9 months.

Address:  905 North Gurley Ave.

City, State, Zip:   Gillete, WY 82716


Type of Care Provided:  Inpatient

Primary Focus:  Adolescents, Dual Diagnosis, Mental Illness, Long Term

Population Served:  Adolescents

Cost:  $

Forms of Payment Accepted:


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